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Equine Appointments

What to expect from your equine appointment

Equine Patient Information

With so many treatment options available for your horse, we understand that it might appear a little daunting choosing what treatment your horse might need. Generally, most of our equine patients are seen by one of our Veterinary Physiotherapists in the first instance.

We have detailed our different types of Equine Appointments and what you can expect from your appointments, to ensure that our clients are fully aware of what is involved before you see your practitioner.

Providing Equine Physiotherapy across the East Midlands, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Mansfield, Sheffield.

Equestrian Physiotherapy

Select this box to find out more about our Equine Physiotherapy appointments

Rider & Position Analysis Clinics

Select this box if you're looking for  information or guidance on what to expect & what to wear for your Rider Analysis & Position Analysis Clinics.

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