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Horse Legs

Rider Analysis

The best for horse riders health

Position Analysis & Clinics

Our clinics are unique in that we are able to cater to almost every need that you may have. Whether it's a Rider Analysis session that you're after, or whether you'd like to learn how to increase your horses performance, Sune du Toit & Associates have a session that will allow you to gain the best out of your partnership. We all know that horse riding is both dangerous and hard on our muscles, ligaments and tendons. Being a horse rider means that you a dealing with over 500kg of animal who live on their nerves and as a result injuries, pains, strains and aches all become a matter of course for us as riders. 

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Rider Analysis and Coaching Clinic

Regular Clinics Being Held by Sune Du Toit and Jenny Folman

Horse & Rider Analysis & Coaching Clinic 

Please select 9am for Morning Appointments and 1pm for Afternoon Appointments when booking. Exact time will be sent when confirming appointments. If you have a preferred time, please state this on the comments section of the booking form.

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Rider Analysis and Gait Analysis

Available at your yard

Horse & Rider Analysis Clinic 

Up to 30 minutes ridden assessment of the rider with feedback and videos sent following the appointment.  Basic gait analysis of the horse included. 15 minutes for mark up & discussion.


Mobile Rider Analysis and Coaching Clinic

Available at your yard.

With Sune Du Toit and Jenny Folman

Horse & Rider Analysis & Coaching 

Mobile rider analysis clinics are now available. To see available dates please contact the office directly. A minimum of 4 session are required to secure booking, a discount of 50% will be given to the host if a 5th session. 60 and 90 mins available 


"I've had several sessions with Sune over the last few months. I started with a rider alignment session during which Sune identified several imbalances in my position that we worked on during the session and the change in my horse's way of going was amazing! I booked in for the next session and in between worked on what had been identified in the first session and it paid off! As is often the case, you fix one thing and it shows something else so we are a work in progress. A few days ago I was able to book on to the rider alignment session being run in conjunction with Jenny Folman using Franklin balls. This session was a real eye opener in my feeling for how I sit in the saddle and the aids I give my horse. Sune and Jenny together worked out some exercises for me to work on and I can't wait until our next session! I'd highly recommend both the rider alignment sessions and the rider alignment sessions with Sune and Jenny with the Franklin balls."


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Horse & Rider Ridden Assessments

A lot of our clients have equine treatments done on their horses every few months, there are only a handful that have ridden assessments. On every visit we quite often see the same problems manifesting themselves on our horses. A lot of these issues are caused by the rider (sorry to say). We offer a service that sets us apart from most of the other veterinary physiotherapists out there by offering a ridden assessment. On a ridden assessment your position will be analysed, to make you aware of your position and any alterations that can be made.

Woman Riding a Horse

Physiotherapy for the Horse Rider

Whether it's rehabilitation following a fall or an on-going programme to enable you to fulfil your riding commitments, we will be able to help you. Horse riders are notorious for 'Just putting up with it', after all, there are still stables to be mucked out and mouths to be fed - Although we do think some horses are able to sense when we aren't feeling 100%, we can't explain to them why their tea might be late because we are suffering from acute back pain after a fall from a horse. Please don't just 'get on with it', make an appointment and start the road to recovery with a professional touch.

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