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Pilates Class

Pilates Classes

The best for your core strength

Group & 1-1 Pilates Classes

Sune du Toit and Associates believe strongly in prevention rather than cure, and so in 2017 Sune du Toit & Associates added Pilates classes to their range of services. Pilates is a system of exercises that are designed to improve core physical strength, flexibility and posture, leading to enhanced awareness of our bodies. Sune places particular importance on alignment and breathing to develop a strong core and improve balance. Many clients, both sporting and general, have aches and pains that have been made worse by poor posture or weak core strength. By offering pilates, Sune is keen to address many of these issues before they become problems.

What makes Sune's Pilates Classes so unique is that they are tailored specifically for the horse rider, making them an ideal choice for horse riders who want to maximise their core strength, improve their positions and improve their postures.

Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes are running at Maplebeck, Nottinghamshire

£10.00 per class for 60 minutes

Classes are every Friday at 9am

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Pilates Sessions for Horse Riders

As Sune is both a Veterinary Physiotherapist and a Chartered Physiotherapist, she is equipped with the knowledge and experience of what problems horse riders face every single day. Whether this is mucking out or riding your horse. Horse Riders are renowned for seeking plenty of help with their horses bodies but not so much themselves! Our Pilates Classes are tailored with the horse rider in mind to maximise core strength, build muscle memory and above all, to create a much stronger posture.

Stability Ball and Stretching Band

Pilates for strength & Core

Sune's pilates classes are limited to 10 clients,  to ensure that each person gets an individually tailored programme within the session. While everyone will follow a similar lesson plan, individuals will be extended or supported based on their own personal needs. Sune uses equipment such as balls, rollers and Therabands to ensure that everyone is worked to the optimal level so that you leave a class feeling you have worked hard, but not worried that you will have injured any muscles.

Hatha Yoga

Pilates for Postural Education

Postural education is a continuous process. It is recommended that pilates is practised at least 3 hours a week. However, our lives are busy and this is not always possible or practical. Being part of an exercise group increases motivation tremendously to continue with exercises on a daily basis. Sune's classes have a light-hearted feel, and while the benefits of the class are serious - the clients rarely are! We understand that people's lives are very busy, and people have many commitments, from shift working to grandchildren - and everything in between!

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