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Young horses, Senior horses and those who require rehab! We are here to support them all!!

Jenny Folman BDCC3, BHSAI, Int.T, Int.SM

I have been using Sune for my horses for around 20 years. I had used several physiotherapists previously but found Suné to be extremely thorough and knowledgeable.

Initially she helped me to successfully rehab my wb x tb following a pelvic fracture, and she was able to improve his gait asymmetry through the rehab. He went on to continue his ridden career, and I think without Suné he would have retired.

Suné has been instrumental in my now 20yo Lipizzaner reaching Grand Prix dressage and still being sound and happily competing at that level now.

Her colleague Ruth is looking after my young horse as he starts his ridden career, and Sune has also worked extensively with me to rehab an event horse who was previously struggling with soundness and performance, the horse has successfully returned to competition with Suné's support.

I also frequently refer my coaching clients to Sune's team, as I know they will support clients and their horses to be able to perform in comfort and harmony.

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