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New Sponsorship Offered.

New Sponsorship offered to local amateur rider.

We were able to catch up with Emma earlier in the month for a quick interview.

Emma, tell everyone a little bit about yourself:

Hi, I’m 53 and a mother and grandmother! I returned to riding and horse ownership at 40, after a very long break whilst I had children. I work full time as a civil servant and can work flexibly which is a godsend with horse ownership. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I first got Benny but soon got the eventing bug and am now living my dream!

Who is Benny?

Benny aka Magical Marvin is a 15-year-old thoroughbred. I got him as 3-year-old, straight from the track, so it was a case of blind leading the blind! Benny is really quite laid back and is a friendly chap who loves treats. He can be a bit grumpy in the field when he’s not ready to come in but that’s not often. Over the years Benny has had several diagnoses. In his younger years he had several sarcoids removed and was a martyr to mud fever. That all has thankfully settled down. Benny also requires remedial farriery and is shod according to his confirmation. Farrier Gemma Milner and Sune have a joined-up approach when it comes to assessing and agreeing options. Benny loves cross country…. dressage not so much.

How long have you been using the practice?

Gosh many years now. I think about 8 but not 100% sure.

How have we supported you on your journey so far?

Due to his issues Benny is managed very closely and requires regular treatment and assessment to ensure any issues are picked up early, and to keep him in tip top shape. Sune always has a plan which gives me something to work to and keeps me sane! I religiously do the exercises and stretches that Sune recommends. As a result, Benny can not only stay in work, but we compete at dressage and One Day Events which we absolutely love. He is the happiest when we finish the Cross Country, and he knows he has done well! I’ve also had physio sessions with Sune myself as I have OA in my hips. I’ve also have attended the Rider Alignment clinics which have been extremely beneficial and gives me exercises to improve my mobility and riding position.

What are your future goals with Benny?

At 15 Benny still has a lot left in him, if I continue to manage him with his physiotherapy and good farriering. I am stepping back up to BE90 this year and will see how that goes before making any plans but maybe we might make it to BE100 one day.

We are excited to continue to support Emma and Benny on their journey!!

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