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Collaboration with Southwell Cricket Club

Updated: Apr 12

Earlier this year we caught wind that Southwell Cricket Club were looking to put together their first Ladies Team. We knew from the start that we wanted to get involved, whether it be playing, offering sponsorship or treating players.... but then we thought, why not all three???

Training has been great fun so far, focusing on reflexes, bowling techniques, fielding, catching, open aggressive batting stance and transferring bat speed at the point of impact. Who knew there was so much to learn, and then there is the terminology:

Retired not out (we quiet like this one)

One finger out




We have enjoyed it that much that we have sponsored the Ladies Team, hoping to encourage like minded sportswomen to come forward and join our team for a fun way to gain their competitive fix.

For all members of the club, we have offered a 10% discount for Physiotherapy Services with Sune. With the aim to promote self-care, provide rehabilitation and to support players to be at their optimum.

If you like the sound of the Ladies Team, please come and join us, to find out more about the team and the club in general please visit:

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