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What's New for 2024? #newyeargoals #physiotherapyforall #education

So, what’s new for 2024 here at Suné Du Toit?!

This year we have a new aim, an aim we are familiar with, but one we believe could benefit so many.

This year we want to take our clinical educator role further. We have a vision to educate and inform not only our students but the wider community and our patients.

We want to get involved in community events, to inform and educate you of the ways you can best look after yourself and your horse. Working with local pony clubs and holding demonstrations at universities and working further with our expert veterinary surgeons.

We are planning to run new demonstrations, online tutorials and aim to offer more specialised clinics.

The practice is passionate to educate to support the reduction of risk of injury and to promote stability and wellbeing.

There is no hard sell here, just a passion to support performance, mobility, and self-care.

Keep an eye on events popping up this year and alerts for new tutorials.

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