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New Pole & Rehabilitation Clinic Date 28/04/2021

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Suitable for training/rehab, Leisure/Competition riders

The pole work sessions may be done ridden or in hand. Rehab sessions (with or without poles) include long reining or lunging/in hand with training aids, for example, in Equiband or in Pessoa during which the horse and handler are taught how to use these aids correctly.

A short discussion into the horse’s history and pathologies/ injuries takes place prior to sessions. During pole work sessions, a number of pole exercises are explained to the rider/handler, practised and adapted for that horse’s needs. Finally, an outline of possible progression is given for the rider/handler to go away and practise at home.

Pole/Rehab sessions are used for:

  • Improving proprioception (hoof eye coordination)

  • Developing core strength, stability and symmetry

  • Providing mental stimulation and responsiveness to aids

  • Balance and coordination and ROM

  • Adjustability within a gait

Costs are £40 for an individual session and £30 for a group session (inclusive of venue hire) for a 45 minute session. These sessions are provided by Hannah Dury, associate of Sune du Toit.

Rider Analysis Combined with Pole Session:

This package combines 2 of our bestsellers! Sune du Toit and Hannah Dury combine their expertise during this session. For the fantastic price of £60 (venue hire included), you and your horse both achieve great results with a ridden assessment to identify any potential rider asymmetry issues, and a full pole session to improve the horse’s way of going. A fun-packed 45 minutes with maximum benefits.

We look forward to seeing you there!

To book your place, please phone 07513028507

Rufford, Notts. Full address and directions provided at booking.

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