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Franklin Ball Coaching

If Carlsberg did collaborations, this would be the one.

Coaching sessions with accredited BHSAI instructor, BDCC Level 2 Coach, Group 2 BD rider and Grand Prix competitor Jenny Folman. Utilising her vast experience of Franklin Balls alongside Sune’s expertise of both equine and human anatomy and physiology, this is a Rider Analysis Session that you absolutely DO NOT want to miss out on. On the 19th of January, we are delighted to be offering this fabulous coaching session at Rufford. With its fibre-sand surface and indoor school, it doesn’t matter if it’s chucking it down with rain or blowing a gale, the show can go on.

Franklin Balls are really quite trendy at the moment. Literally everyone is talking about them on social media and with very good reason. These little balls of foam, air or water are an excellent tool for creating postural awareness. They’re a dynamic training tool. The Franklin Method® is based on teaching techniques from imagery and movement, helping with body awareness.

These little balls sit underneath your bum, arms or thighs and will help you with bodily awareness and to notice what your body is doing on or around them. Every time we sit on a horse our bodies are moving. Whether that is the gentle sway of the walk or the perceived circular movement of the canter. We’re always on the move and more often than not, as riders, we are not fully aware of where we are moving to and from! We all have various weaknesses within our bodies that mean that we are likely not always sitting 100% square and in balance. Franklin Balls will help you to feel these misalignments and will help you be more body aware.

There are some companies offering Franklin Balls for sale and that’s fine… So long as you know what you’re supposed to be feeling. Our sessions will arm you with all of the tools that are needed, including videos and dialogue to ensure that you fully understand what you are supposed to be feeling.

With Sune’s extensive experience, qualifications and general Rock Star Status of the Equine & Human Physiotherapy world and Jenny’s experience as both a Grand Prix Rider and a fabulous trainer, this is a match made in heaven for those who are looking to improve both their riding and their horse’s way of going.

Places are very limited, so book quickly and take advantage of this sought-after collaboration.

For clinics on 19th of January and 9th February ONLY, we have an introductory offer of just £70.00 for 60 minute sessions

That’s 2 highly qualified, highly experienced instructors working with you for the equivalent of just £35 each, not to mention the invaluable resources you’ll come away with!

What are you waiting for? Book now

Covid protocol and procedures are in place and risk assessment of rider and attendees will be required prior to the session. Location of venue: Rufford, Notts, NG22 9DE


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