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Reflexology Therapy

Human Physiotherapy

What to expect from human physiotherapy

What To Expect from your Human Physiotherapy Appointment

What sets Sune du Toit & Associates apart is the thorough assessment, the care to detail, providing diagnoses, ensuring your comfort during treatment, providing an explanation why they have the symptoms and how the treatment will help. We follow up the hands-on session with home exercise plan to provide you with the tools to optimise your recovery. Many of our patients are sportspersons but also patients, from every day backgrounds, who have found themselves living with discomfort. We can help with this by providing an individual, safe and secure environment to help with your recovery.

Some of the feedback that we have had from our human patients is how pleased they are with the hands-on, thorough treatment and how they feel safe in our hands!

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 Physiotherapy near Newark, Nottingham, East Midlands. 

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About You!

Forms! We would like to have as much information as possible about you before we treat you so we can provide a holistic approach to your recovery.

We like to know past medical history, past traumatic events, any previous treatments, physical exercise and most importantly your symptoms: the onset, the cause, the details, the aggravating factors and what helps to ease the symptoms, any medication you’re taking and who your usual GP is. This information is used to help us to provide a tailor made treatment session and home exercise plan.

In line with HCPC and The Chartered Society of physiotherapy, your personal details will not be shared with anyone other than your clinician and yourself. This is a legal requirement and our promise to you.

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Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing to allow free movement and access to the area of concern. If you feel pain, discomfort, uneasy, sick or dizzy at any point during the assessment, please do tell your clinician. Guardians & chaperone's are allowed during any assessment and treatment. 

During your appointment, your clinician will do the following assessment before treatment and make notes.

  • Observation of posture, muscle development and symmetry.

  • Active movement.

  • Special tests to provide differential diagnoses.

  • Passive mobilisation.

  • Palpation.



A variety of treatments can be used on you to achieve the desired results, depending on findings and consequent diagnoses. Your clinician will talk to you throughout the treatment and will explain what they are doing.

Human Treatments can include:

  • Maitland mobilisation (gentle mobilisation of joints).

  • Massage.

  • Myofascial release (soft tissue release to stretch fascia).

  • Deep tissue massage (softening of excessive fibrous tissue after injury).

  • Electrotherapy (ultrasound, laser, TENS).

  • Kinesio taping.

  • Acupuncture (including deep needling for treatment of muscle trigger points).

  • Individual Pilates sessions

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After Treatment

Following treatment, how your body reacts can be quite different for each person. With chronic injuries it is quite normal to feel a little stiff, especially after deep tissue massage, this should only last for 24hours. It is important following your physiotherapy session that you drink plenty of fluids (water not alcohol!) and rest if you feel it is necessary. Most people feel completely fine after a treatment and find it enjoyable.

After treatment, exercise and/or stretches are provided as appropriate. A letter containing your home exercise plan or videos of exercises will be sent after your session with our physiotherapist.

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