HORSE & RIDER CLINIC DATES at Wellow Equestrian:


1st April 
29th April
19th May
16th June
21st July
18th Aug

TIMES: 8.00-17:00

Contact 07513028507 to see availability.


Rider analysis


A starting point for all riders. This short analysis package will let you know whether your riding seat is staright and symmetrical, or whether further assessment is needed.

30 min £30


  • A ridden assessment of the rider's position for symmetry and crookedness using a visualise jacket
  • Feedback and video footage included. 


Research has shown how “crooked riders” can be helped by physiotherapy to improve their symmetry - For the full article click here.

PPRA (Personal Physio Rider Assessment)


This package is a full rider analysis plus treatment and an ongoing personalised Home Exercise Programme to maximise the benefitsa of the session.

90 min £90


  • The posture, seat and symmetry of the rider will be assessed during the ridden assessment.
  • A video of the ridden assessment will be taken to show you riding towards and away on both reins and in walk, trot and sometimes canter. 
  • A 'Mapping' of the rider's pelvis for musculoskeletal dysfunctions.
  • The rider will have a full physio assessment and treatment in a private room. Often kinesio taping will be applied to aid proprioceptive feedback and aid improvement of straightness/symmetry.
  • A copy of the video and report will be sent to the client within a week of the session and will include Home Exercise Programmes (HEP's) for you to continue your improvement at home.



Research has shown how “crooked riders” can be helped by physiotherapy to improve their symmetry - For the full article click here.

The horse assessment:

Enjoying some poll release from Sune in the Indoor School at Wellow Equestrian Centre

 Equine PPRA

This is the full analysis and treatment package for Horse and Rider, designed to keep both working in perfect harmony.

3 hours £165


  • Full Rider PPRA plus
  • A static equine assessment (posture, muscle development and symmetry)
  • Dynamic equine assessment consisting of gait assessment in straight lines (soft and/or hard), tight turns, rein back, and the horse may also be seen on the lunge on both the soft and hard.
  • A full equine treatment to address the issues identified.


What to wear:

During your ridden assessment a visualise jacket will be provided, which is a stretchy black jacket, similar to a base layer. This jacket has green lines on it, which show up really well on video and highlight any dysfunctions in your posture and position. The visualise jacket will be provided by Sune du Toit & Associates. If you could also wear some tight breeches or riding tights, of a neutral colour and without patterns, this also helps to get a more direct look at your riding position.


During the dismounted session and for your human treatment, a vest or a spaghetti strap top and shorts should be worn.


Please feel free to bring a warm coat and lots of layers, especially during the winter months. You will only be wearing the visualise jacket for a short space of time, so you can put a warmer jacket on immediately after you have dismounted.


Please note: Riding Hats to the current standard should be worn at all times while mounted. Sune du Toit & Associates also recommend that one is worn while handling the horse from the ground. You will be asked to lunge your horse, so a pair of gloves may also be beneficial.

Our clinics are held regularly at Wellow Equestrian Centre, which offers some superb facilities including an indoor and outdoor arena, private consultation room, lots of parking and a solarium (Extra costs apply for your horse to be treated under the Solarium). Discounts are available on venue hire for riders who pay livery.

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