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We all know that horse riding is both dangerous and hard on our mucles, ligaments and tendons. Being a horse rider means that you a dealing with over 500kg of animal who live on their nerves and as a result injuries, pains, strains and aches all become a matter of course for us as riders. We will be honest with you, prevention is better than cure but regardless of how careful you are, you are always going to end up with a niggle somewhere. Sadly, these niggles are also often passed on to our horses as well and as such, they may well feel as wonky as you sometimes do. Getting treatment quickly is important and that is why we offer a well-rounded choice of options that we hope will cover all bases for the professional or pleasure rider.

Physiotherapy for the Rider

Whether it's rehabilitation following a fall or an on-going programme to enable you to fulfil your riding commitments, we will be able to help you. Horse riders are notorious for 'Just putting up with it', after all, there are still stables to be mucked out and mouths to be fed - Although we do think some horses are able to sense when we aren't feeling 100%, we can't explain to them why their tea might be late because we are suffering from an acute back pain after a fall from a horse who thought a crisp packet was actually a tiger! Please don't just 'get on with it', make an appointment and start the road to recovery with a professional touch.

Horse & Rider Ridden Assessments

How many of us will happily spend £80 on a set of shoes, every 7 weeks, for our horse? How many of us would happily spend the same on our own shoes, even every 3 months? This section has nothing to do with shoes but alot to do with perspective. Alot of our clients have equine treatments done on their horses every few months, there are only a handful that have ridden assessments. On every visit we quite often see the same problems manifesting themselves on our horses. Alot of these issues are caused by the rider (sorry to say). We offer a service that sets us apart from most of the other veterinary physiotherapists out there by offering a ridden assessment. On a ridden assessment your position will be analysed and notes made, to make you aware of your position and any alterations that can be made - This is especially beneficial for those who use an experienced instructor.

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