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Want to know why people choose SDTA?

We want to share with you a series of statements. Identifying why they are long standing clients of Sune Du Toit & Associates, how they put their trust in us to support them along their journey.

Supporting the older equine generation, specialising in young riders and older ponies:

Having a keen eye for an older pony to take the younger generation into the show ring, particularly workers, I need a team to keep the golden oldies strong and supple.

Sune and the team have worked with me over the past two years keeping the ponies strong and able to perform at their maximum. A combination of strengthening programs and regular physiotherapy sessions have played a vital role to the overall wellbeing and performance of the ponies.

Knowing one pony had a particular right hind weakness we were able to strengthen the glute and prolong the pony’s successful career, competing and winning at both regional and national level. At the height of the season, the pony was seen every 4 -6 weeks, not always for a full session, but with the aim to ensure the pony was not tight and to identify any further concerns that would then be discussed with our vet.

With the support from Sune, her team and our vet we can keep the educated older pony going that supports young riders to come through and be exposed to competition environments safely.

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