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At some point in our lives we will all have an ache or pain somewhere. The high pressure of modern society puts an immense amount of strain upon our bodies and the result is a nagging ache or an acute pain. Problems within our body can happen at any time and by doing any activity. Although you may think a sportsperson may be at a higher risk of injury, we are seeing more and more patients with sedentary jobs needing treatment. Aches and pains usually manifest themselves due to poor posture, something which we are all guilty of at times.


By visiting Sune du Toit & Associates we will provide hands on treatment to relieve your symptoms and work with your body and your routine to provide a rehabilitation programme that will get the best out of your treatment. Some clients only need a one-off appointment, whereas others do need a more intensive approach to gain the best benefits. We treat every patient as an individual and as such will help to maintain a healthier you.

Sports Physiotherapy

Whether it's sports rehabilitation you are after following a sporting injury while playing for your weekend team or more of a dull ache that plagues your gym sessions, Sune will be able to help relieve those aches and pains and help you get the best out of your sports sessions.

General Physiotherapy

From the office worker, to the nurse, to the soldier, our clients come from a diverse range of occupations, each with their own aches and pains which can potentially have an effect on their daily lives. They key is to not let it get too far. Book an appointment today for that niggling back pain or aching shoulder and start you journey to a healthier, pain free you.

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