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We all know the importance of maintaining our horse’s health and that is why choosing a fully qualified and insured veterinary physiotherapist is of the utmost importance. Our equine clients come from a broad range of backgrounds from hunt horses to racehorses, the competition horse to the pleasure hacking horse. Every horse who is placed in the care of Sune is treated as an individual, there are never 2 horses who are the same and it is this pro-active, unique approach from Sune that allows a horse to gain the best from their treatments.

Physiotherapy for the competition horse:

The importance of keeping the equine athlete on the road, comfortable and happy in its job can never be underestimated. Whether you own a show-jumper, a dressage horse, eventer or racehorse, the basic elements of their training are the same. Fitness, training, and the ability to be able to do their job at the highest level. Little niggles can quickly manifest into a tight spot leading to loss of performance, changes to temperament and behaviour, or lameness, so getting them sorted efficiently is paramount. 

Physiotherapy for the pleasure horse:

The importance of treating competition horses is clear, but many of our clients own their horses for pleasure and enjoy just spending time with them. It is these pleasure horses who often have small movement dysfunctions that are not made apparent until they become something more serious. That is why the pleasure horse needs to be treated the same as the competition horse. Taking a multi-disciplinary approach towards horses, Sune will allow your horse to remain comfortable and happy.

Horse & Rider Physiotherapy Clinics:

The horse and rider clinics were first launched a few years back and have been a huge success with the clients who have attended. Assessing both the horse and rider at the same time, gives a greater insight into the mechanics of how each element; the rider and the horse, work together. For more information, go to our Horse & Rider Physiotherapy Clinic Page.

Equine Physiotherapy in the East Midlands:

For Equine Physiotherapy in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, and North Leicestershire you have landed on the right page. Sune covers a large area – in fact one of the largest areas, compared to a lot of other physiotherapists in Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire. For a quote for travel costs, please do get in touch. We do try to arrange appointments within the same area, to try to avoid excess travelling.

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